Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Blog

Ok I've finally done it. I've transfered all my post from blogger to my new blog. Why am I changing? Well I'm using a program called Wordpress and it's a little more customizable than blogger and I own the computer (ok Jared owns the computer) that's acting as my server so I can back it up etc a little easier (tell jared back up my blog). Also I really want to be able to print my blog once a year since this is my journal and blogger doesn't make that easy. So in short (I know to late) here is my new blog address jessblog.nether.net 

It's still a work  in progress but at least it's up and running.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Spotted Ethan

So last week we had a bit of a nasty surprise, a spotted Ethan. It started one Thursday afternoon. At first I thought it was nothing just a simple skin rash to something he had been around no big deal. We have had tons of those. So I threw him in the bathtub and waiting to see if it just went away. That's usually all it takes with him. By Friday morning this is how he looked. I don't know if you can tell from the pictures but we are talking head to toe spots. Even the bottoms of his feet were covered. Thankfully they didn't seem to be bothering him yet. I called the Dr and luck would have it they could see him in an hour and they wanted me to bring him in the isolation door. I love this feature of our Dr office. If your kid has a rash that could be contagious they have a special room with an outside door so you go strait in without having to go threw the waiting room just in case. Well it turns out Ethan is allergic to amoxicillin! Ugh. It can take up to a week for them to show a reaction and Ethan had just passed a week on it for his sinus infection. So they took him off that and gave him a new antibiotic since well he had an ear infection as well which I knew nothing about. We also got some pretty hefty allergy meds for him. By the time we made it home from the Dr office the spots had started to itch but one dose of the new allergy med cleared that up. The spot well they took almost three days to completely disappear. Did I mention I hate allergies?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

All I want for Christmas...

This week I sat down with Ethan and had him dictate to me his letter to Santa so here you all go...

Dear Santa,

Bring me presents, please. I would like a red house and a car. Please bring a rattle for Danny. Mommy would like a race cars that go really fast. Please bring Daddy a new big table. I would like more games to play with mommy and daddy. I would like a new train that says chooo choo and a rock tunnel that's really cool. Danny would also like some chips. Oh and I would like paper and scissors so I can cut lots of things.

Thank you,


Yesterday morning Ethan hurried down stairs and ran up to me to ask a very important question. "Mommy has Santa come yet?" I told him no that he would come tomorrow so after he went to sleep again and got up. Ethan responded with utter discusses "but I just did that!" 

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sledding with Friends

A few days ago some great friends invited us to go sledding with them. So much fun!! So here are  few photos to remember the day.
For some reason I can't insert text under these first three pictures or put them in the right spot. Blogger doesn't like me right now anyhow the first is Caleb so cute in his winter garb. The second is of Danny enjoying his first gingerbread man and the second is Ethan showing us his first gingerbread man. Ethan decided he would rather just eat the frosting so that's what he did, silly kid. After sledding we decorated gingerbread men and had hot chocolate it was the best.

Danny sitting in the snow because he couldn't move in his winder gear...poor guy.
Ethan with the runny nose we just can't seem to get rid of

"Charley Factory" one of Ethans best buds
The Bman going down full speed.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Trip to the dentist

Today was Ethan's first trip to the dentist. I expected crying maybe a little hysterics and all together an unpleasant event. What I got was a pleasantly surprise. Ethan was excited about seeing the dentist. He thought the cool glasses he got to wear while they looked at his teeth were great. He did everything they asked him to with excitement and a smile. The dentist told him how beautiful his teeth were and he just beamed with happiness. It was great! At the end he even got a sugar free sucker. The dentist said he was the most patient 3 year old they had ever seen. Some days I'm glad I have such an unusual son.

In other news we finally got all our christmas cards in the mail today. Every year our christmas card list grows this year we toped 75.  However next year I swear I'll be more organized and get them out way earlier. Ok so it's a good theory at least.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snow Day pictures

Snow Day

So I've learned one thing today be careful what you wish for. Ok I wanted a little snow. Can we say overkill? So last night Ethan prayed for snow and I should have known right then that we were in for trouble. I don't know what it is but when the boy prays for something it just happens and in spades to boot. So this morning we woke to 6 inches or more on the front lawn. He was so happy. Once we found out church was canceled since it was still coming down we decided to take some extra time and enjoy a special family breakfast. Jared made pancakes and I made home made strawberry syrup while we listened to Christmas carols. The kids ran around like little crazy men and we had a wonderful morning. When we put Danny down for his nap the rest of us trekked outside into the snow. Ethan really loved it and thought it was great that because of the drifts we have spots that are deeper than he is (umm it had kept snowing not sure how much we got grand total but I'm going to guess a foot with really high drifts). We had a family snow ball fight which I think I might have lost and help daddy shovel the driveway. After our outdoor adventure we came inside and warmed up with hot chocolate. Then Ethan drew me some awesome pictures for the fridge while I did dishes. After that we decorated a little foam tree that I got for Ethan, also a big hit. 

This evening we had some great people over for dinner, the Dunns. They are awesome!!! So they have five crazy kids who get along great with our two crazy kids. He does computer stuff so has stuff to talk to Jared about. She is big into photography and scrapbooking! As a matter of fact she is doing the exact same thing as me with the photography thing and is working on setting up her own website and all that. Have to admit though she is a little better than me. Her sister is a big photographer in London and charges like $300 for a sitting fee. Needless to say we kinda hit it off and best of all I get to visit teach this person. So we've decided we are going to get together to talk about photography stuff once a month and call that visiting teaching...ok and I'll bring a message as well. So my goal of making a new friend this week I think is accomplished. Jared is trying to talk her husband into Friday night game night with the kids so me and his wife can go scrapbooking together. That would be really awesome but we'll see if it pans out.